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SBI bank Balance Enquiry by Missed Call , Toll-Free Number, SMS & WhatsApp

A balance inquiry request carried out at ATM is also considered as a transaction. To check bank account balance, you can call your respective Bank’s toll-free number. Your bank will then SMS you the account balance details in few seconds. Banking Industry is one sector that has got a lot of benefits after the wave of Digitization. Now, checking your bank account balance is just a missed call away. We all love the SMS that we receive when our salary is credited to our account.

Now you will be required to select the option as per your requirement and select ‘Send’ to get your SBI balance enquiry. Dial the following mentioned SBI balance enquiry miss call number. If you have already obtained Pre-Printed Kit from the branch for activating INB facility, please don’t proceed with this link.


If the balance check number of any of the above banks change, we will update the page as soon as possible. No, only one mobile number cannot be registered for multiple bank accounts in SBI bank. SBI Quick option can be availed only for one bank account at a time. You will have to deregister from one bank account to register for another. A bank passbook is issued to every account holder at the time of opening of a bank account. The passbook can be regularly updated to keep track of all banking information and transactions pertaining to the bank account.

  • Using the sbi balance check number miss call service, customers can conveniently obtain their account balance without the need for internet access or visiting a branch.
  • In 1921, the Bank of Bengal and two other Presidency banks (Bank of Madras and Bank of Bombay) were amalgamated to form the Imperial Bank of India.
  • However, if you are an SBI account holder, you can use numerous ways to check your account balance.
  • Millions of Indians use the State Bank of India as their primary savings account.

The SBI Bank Balance Check service can be availed through any platform including the website, mobile app and phone. Each option is developed in a customer-friendly way and is well understood by all. Being regularly updated about the account balance also helps you plan ahead keeping in mind your future incomes and outflows. The anywhere, anytime access simply adds to convenience and effectiveness.

SBI balance check provides an immediate and accurate dashboard whereby the customer becomes aware of their bank account transactions. All debit and credit entries in the bank account will be reflected in the balance check statement. Reconciliation is possible in the unlikely event of any discrepancy.

SMS Service for Checking Your SBI Account Balance:

However, if you are an SBI account holder, you can use numerous ways to check your account balance. You can even use SBI SMS banking and mobile services to know your account balance, mini statement instantly. You just have to give a missed call or sending an SMS from your registered mobile number on the SBI balance inquiry toll-free number. In just a few seconds, you will receive balance details on your phone. Those who are in hurry, they can quickly check bank balance check number for their bank in the table I’ve provided below.

Abhyudaya Bank Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number

All you have to do is give a missed on the phone number designated by your bank. State Bank of India has updated its technologies with the changing times. It has not incorporated and supports Mobile Banking through apps. Here are ways in which SBI bank account holders can access bank related information through mobile banking. SBI customers can use their mobile numbers to register for the SMS service. Here are the steps an SBI account holder can follow to register for the SMS service.

SBI Startup

You can open your saving account in Indian bank with just Rs.1000 deposit. You will get ATM card, chequebook, Net banking and mobile banking ability. Today I am listing down balance bank check number of all major Indian banks which you can use to get your bank account balance and other details by just giving miss call to these numbers. But, to use this number, you first have your mobile number registered (linked) to your bank account. So, if you haven’t linked your mobile number then go to bank first and register your mobile number in your bank account.

One of the best and easy ways to check the current balance- use an updated passbook. One must keep the passbook updated because it carries all the valuable information related to your transactions. Sir….what is the number of central bank of india….and registered processs
please…. The SBI Bank account passbook can be updated from any SBI bank branch. These are self-service passbooks that can be updated through self-service passbook printers installed at any SBI bank branch and SBI ATMs.

SBI balance inquiry through passbook

We have procedures that limit access to personally identifiable information to those employees/ Contact Centre with a business reason for knowing such information about you. We educate our employees on their responsibility to protect the confidentiality of customer information and hold them accountable if they violate this privacy policy. It is in your interest, and it is our objective to have accurate, current and complete information concerning you and your accounts. We have strict procedures that our employees abide by to meet this objective. We will correct any erroneous information as quickly as possible. In line with recognized International Practice and for the information of customers and others who visit the Bank’s website we believe it is necessary to post a privacy statement.

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