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175 Best Ice Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings

This virtual game encourages teams to battle it out against each other in a friendly competition. Players have to answer questions from a variety of categories, and the team with the most points at the end wins. This virtual game encourages teams to work together in order to create a music video. Players have to use images, videos, and audio files to create a music video, which they then have to present to the rest of the team. In this Zoom meeting icebreaker activity, every employee or coworker picks an emoji that reflects their mood.

ice breakers for conference calls

Next, make a change and let them know that down now means up and up means down while left and right remain the same. Lead another around and bask in the laughter and mistakes the group makes while warming up! Encouraging movement and a little silliness can be one of the best ways to kick off a session where you need everyone to be present and willing to engage. Follow the Follower is a game that can be played virtually just as well as it can by people in the same location. Using the chat in zoom, participants share ideas / challenges and then additions / solutions.

Unique icebreaker questions for virtual meetings

Emoji Quiz is a quick mental warm-up that will test your team’s knowledge of movie, book and song titles. Learn how to transform your difficult relationship.I’ll show you my science-based approach to building a strong, productive relationship with even the most difficult people. For example, hunting for bugs is a great way to create an outdoor scavenger hunt for kids or adults. They can take a picture of the first bug they come across, which might not take long. Being outside will refresh everyone so they’re more energetic for whatever’s next on their daily calendar. GeoGuessr is a captivating global exploration game that virtually parachutes you into a random corner of the world, using a street view panorama.

  • Everyone eats, and most people love eating, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get out of the office in a group setting to learn more about each other.
  • You might be surprised by what you learn about some people’s interests, and also discover tons of shows that were not on your radar yet.
  • The next, team member number two, will introduce participant number one then themself.
  • Ask your team how they are in a different way this time – try it with a poll.
  • People are asked to share two true facts and one false statement about themselves and the audience guesses which one is the lie.

To scour the surroundings for clues that might help pinpoint your exact location on the world map. Describing yourself and your skillset to a group isn’t always easy. This approach splits groups into pairs, who then ‘interview’ one another briefly – before introducing their partner to the room.

Conference Call Bingo

This idea from Lifehack requires minimal effort and minimal funds. To play, pass a roll of toilet paper around and have everyone rip off how much they would usually use. When the toilet paper makes it all the way around the circle, have everyone count their squares.

  • If the players are unfamiliar with the animal’s sounds, then they may use gestures to describe the animals.
  • If you need a guaranteed conversation starter, try a question that brings back childhood or teenage years memories – they provide an inexhaustible source of amusement.
  • Set up a new tradition and ask your team one random question each week or month.
  • If you’re a big fan of draw-and-guess games, then this one’s for you!
  • The leader will then ask the participants to pretend to be the chosen animal by imitating the chosen animal’s sound.

Here are some facts on how it works and what types of icebreaker activities work best. This Zoo Line-up icebreaker is best combined with introductions. This game enhances memorization by associating participants’ names with the zoo animal they represented. To play this game, participants will remain silent as they act out a word or sentence. Simply put the performer on spotlight and let the rest of the team members will figure out the message from the performers’ gestures. The goal of the game is to communicate the prompt without using words.

engaging ice breakers for virtual meetings (that won’t bore your team!)

You can write each word on a whiteboard (either physical or digital) so you have a visual compilation of everybody’s ideas at the end. Divide the group into smaller groups or pairs, depending on how many participants you have. If you’re holding a remote meeting, you might want to set up breakout rooms for each group. Ask each group to come up with one word that describes a certain topic, as defined by you.

ice breakers for conference calls

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